Eric in Bones
Eric Millegan IMDb

Eric Millegan starred in Fox TV’s Bones playing Zack Addy, Dr. Brennan’s intern. Zack was removed from his position on Brennan’s team in the season three finale, “The Pain in the Heart”, when he is revealed to be the apprentice of the serial killer Gormogon. Eric was a recurring guest star on Bones for the remainder of the series. He can be seen in the feature films On_Line, The Phobic and Lady Peacock. Eric’s other notable TV appearances include Curb Your Enthusiasm, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, 100 Centre Street and more!

Eric in Bones
Eric in Harold and Maude: The Musical
Eric in The Phobic
Eric in Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Eric in the Bones season 1 episode “The Man in the Morgue”

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